Grievances and other words

Describe in sufficient detail how your life has been ruined by MDMower’s mere existence. This can include, but is not limited to broken software, asinine instruction sets, lack of flashing marquee ads that mimic download buttons, and indifference to your individual concerns. I don’t promise a reply, but your message will be read. Comments lacking evidence (i.e. reproducibility steps and/or logs) will be tossed.

All comments are subject to periodic purging at my whim. Beggars may have their IP blocked. Bug reports mean nothing without logs, paste them in somepastesite.

4 thoughts on “Grievances and other words

  1. If I remember correctly, it was your automated unlock/ supercid/ temp-root script that i used along with the tutorial. It took me a while to figure it out, since i was never very tech savvy and had never used the command line. But I was ultimately successful, and have since converted to Linux for everything, and I can’t stop tinkering. I’m now addicted to breaking things and fixing them only to break them again. I blame this mostly on you. You ruined my life (ask my girlfriend). I thank you for making my life this much more complicated. I have since learned that I am a perfectionist and a control freak, two things that I never thought about myself before. Here’s to another day of running hardware that you own the way that you choose.

    • Ha! That’s great. Thanks for leaving a note. I similarly have someone I blame for enabling me to burn countless hours on Android, utkanos. Cheers, and enjoy the tinkering… and have fun with those Linux distro wars!

  2. Is anyone working on a solution for Sense decryption? Being the thoughtful person I am, I blindly went ahead and complied with the requirements for OWA to encrypt the entire device. Now I have a secure device which there is apparently no Recovery solution for that can mount the encrypted partitions. I’ve flashed but no joy. Any ideas or extra information would be greatly appreciated.

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