Stock packages for the HTC Incredible 4G LTE

Looking for the 2.17.605.2 RUU or 2.19.605.2 OTA? Those are on AFH:

The files below are completely stock packages/images for the HTC Incredible 4G LTE (fireball).

  • (548.12 MB)
    Installable through recovery — be sure to wipe Cache and Data after installing. If your device is only HTCDev unlocked (and not S-OFF), you will need to extract boot.img from the package and flash it through fastboot separately. Root and busybox are purposely not included in this ROM. It really is stock.
    1. For root, install the most recent release of SuperSU through recovery.
    2. For Busybox, obtain root first, then install Busybox through the Play store.
  • (14.21 MB)
    Installable through fastboot (must be S-OFF):
    1. Reboot the device to HBOOT: adb reboot-bootloader
    2. Enter the OEM update mode: fastboot oem rebootRUU
    3. Flash the firmware package. cd to the directory containing and run:
         fastboot flash zip
    4. Wait for the process to finish
    5. Reboot the phone: fastboot reboot
  • fireball-stock-recovery-2.19.605.2.img (9.60 MB)
    Installable through fastboot:
    1. Reboot the device to HBOOT: adb reboot-bootloader
    2. Flash the recovery image. cd to the directory containing fireball-stock-recovery-2.19.605.2.img and run:
         fastboot flash recovery fireball-stock-recovery-2.19.605.2.img

Looking for unlock information? There is a release of rumrunner made specially for this phone. Checkout the downloads page at and look for rumrunner_fireball.tgz (Linux) or (Windows).

There is a lot of misinformation out there relating to unlocking this phone. Let me clear up some points here:

  1. You do not need to obtain temp-root before using the rumrunner release mentioned above; it has a working method built-in. I have tested it several times on my own device.
  2. S-OFF is preferred over HTCDev unlock on this device. HTC botched the bootloader (HBOOT) so that the boot partition (kernel + ramdisk) cannot be written while in recovery if your device is only unlocked (and not S-OFF). This forces you to flash the boot partition via fastboot. S-OFF removes this restriction.
  3. You don’t want SuperCID on this device. It was only ever used to enable HTCDev bootloader unlock on ROM 2.17.605.2. In fact, the method used to obtain SuperCID for that release no longer works on ROM 2.19.605.2. Since S-OFF is directly possible, there is no use for SuperCID on this device. To stress this further, SuperCID has been seen to kill mobile data on Verizon until the default CID is restored. Leave the CID as VZW__001. If you’re unsure of the current state of your device, you can check your CID with fastboot: fastboot getvar cid

In summary, ignore most of the fluff out there, and just use the special build of rumrunner to achieve S-OFF on this device. It works well and will enable you to flash ROMs with ease. After your device is S-OFF, I suggest flashing TWRP recovery from here.