Data/SDCard Partition Swap for the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE

What is this? The /data partition on this device is quickly being outgrown by the size of apps available for Android. This is partly why newer devices have moved to a /data/media structure, where a large partition is shared by both apps and internal storage. This problem can be partly mitigated, though: redefine the internal … Read more

HTC msm8960 fastboot with Windows 8.1

If your HTC msm8960 device (evita, fireball, jewel, ville) suffers from an inability to be detected correctly in Windows 8.1 while in fastboot mode, there is a simple registry fix that may help. The issue is described in detail by Microsoft and amounts to a duplicate BOS descriptor which Windows 8.1 does not tolerate. This is … Read more

Windows drivers for ADB in recovery on HTC devices

The TWRP and ClockworkMod recoveries for HTC devices hosted on this site conform closely to HTC’s USB configuration for ADB, but Windows may not always detect the device properly and configure drivers automatically. These instructions demonstrate how to install the correct driver for ADB functionality while in recovery. This guide is based on Windows 8.1, … Read more

Flashing recovery on HTC devices

Your HTC device must have an unlocked bootloader or be S-OFF to flash a custom recovery. Many devices can be unlocked via HTC’s official bootloader unlock. Devices from AT&T and Verizon Wireless typically cannot be unlocked officially because those carriers do not care about you. Fortunately, S-OFF options exist: rumrunner SunShine After your device is … Read more