Did you find one of the many bugs in my software? Are my instructions incomplete? If so, then feel free to leave a comment or question below. I don’t promise a reply to all inquiries, but they will all be read. You can paste logs at any reasonable paste site, e.g.,, or hastebin.


This list is undoubtedly incomplete, but I would like to acknowledge some individuals who helped get me started with Android. In no particular order: utkanos: put together the first CWM recovery device tree for fireball and helped me get acquainted with building. I give considerable blame to utkanos for enabling me to continue with the … Read more

File Hashes

All of the files offered on this website have MD5 and/or SHA-1 file hashes listed near the download link.  These file hashes let you verify that the download succeeded error free. Below are some utilities I recommend. Windows Users HashMyFiles by NirSoft – no installation needed. Simply drag and drop your downloaded file onto the GUI. … Read more