Grievances and other words

Describe in sufficient detail how your life has been ruined by MDMower’s mere existence. This can include, but is not limited to broken software, asinine instruction sets, lack of flashing marquee ads that mimic download buttons, and indifference to your individual concerns. I don’t promise a reply, but your message will be read. Comments lacking … Read more


This list is undoubtedly incomplete, but I would like to acknowledge some individuals who helped get me started with Android. In no particular order: utkanos: put together the first CWM recovery device tree for fireball and helped me get acquainted with building. I give considerable blame to utkanos for enabling me to continue with the … Read more

File Hashes

All of the files offered on this website have MD5 and/or SHA-1 file hashes listed near the download link.  These file hashes let you verify that the download succeeded error free. Below are some utilities I recommend. Windows Users HashMyFiles by NirSoft – no installation needed. Simply drag and drop your downloaded file onto the GUI. … Read more