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  1. Attempting to install LineageOS to the Incredible 4G results in either a neverending Lineage boot, or a prolonged boot with eventual com.android crashes. Any advice would be helpful.

      • Thanks for the reply; after many attempts, I finally managed to get a proper flash. I must have been wiping improperly or using the wrong TWRP/partition combo.

        I wonder if you might be able to help with another problem; this custom LineageOS managed to breathe enough life into my old Dinc4G that I decided to buy a backup phone online. The only problem is that attempting to use the custom rumrunner package doesn’t seem to work anymore; I keep getting a “FATAL: download updated package on rumrunner.io” error at the end of the process.

        I’ve tried on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines, and I’ve applied the fastboot registry fix on Windows 10. Nothing I do seems to make any difference. Is the RumRunner service broken now? I’m desperate to unlock the bootloader for this backup device.

        Thanks for all the work you’ve put into these tutorials and downloads.


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