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  1. Hi,
    First off, thank you for the knowledge you share on XDA and on here.
    I have a question and hoping you can help. I have a DInc 4G LTE that is on the 2014 OTA (2.19…..). I had tried rooting it (including trying an older Rumrunner) and it wasn’t taking. (I’ve rooted a few phones prior to this and never had the problems with them that I’ve had with this one. -_-) I came across your “stock fireball” page where you mention using a newer Rumrunner to unlock. I thought what the hell and gave it a go. It worked! So thank you for that. 🙂
    I downloaded and flashed your modified TWRP. I used twrp-3.1.N0-0-fireball.img because I was interested in doing the Data/SD Swap. Flash was fine, Recovery was running fine.
    Next was the Data/SD Swap and this is where I have the problem. I followed your instructions (Wipe-Advanced Wipe-Data-Repair or Change File System-Size) and selected FAT. It prompted me to reboot, but I hit Back. It showed as VFAT now instead of EXT4. I did the same for the SD Internal Storage, changing it to EXT4. Rebooted Recovery, from the reboot menu.
    Now my phone will not turn on at all. No lights, no vibration, nothing. It just went dead and black. The PC won’t show it. I’ve pulled my battery and even tried my extra battery. Charging cord does not prompt a light. Nothing.
    I realize that I missed doing this on the Cache. I don’t know if that is what caused the problem. I just wanted to get rid of the Crapvizon bloatware and that stupid insufficient storage error when I have a 32GB SD card and literally run two apps with most of the stock apps disabled. lol
    Is there any advice that you can offer? If you can’t help, no worries. I will keep looking for a solution in the meantime.
    Have a good one. 🙂

    • Nothing in the partition swap should prevent your phone from at least reaching the bootloader (HBOOT). I’d suggest:

      1. Unplug the device from any USB cables
      2. Pull the battery for a couple of minutes
      3. Hold Volume-Down and Power (I usually start by holding Volume-Down, then hold Power) until the bootloader shows. From there you should be able to select FASTBOOT
      4. Connect USB to a computer and install your favorite recovery: fastboot flash recovery my-favorite-recovery.img
      • Thanks for the reply! I had tried unplugging the USB, pulling the battery, trying a different battery, and attempting to get into the bootloader. I have also tried a few different USB cables. It does not show it with the orange charging light, nor the green light. There is just nothing. I tried all of that again just now. Still nothing. There is no sign of life from the phone. Plugging into the computer shows it as “QHSUSB_DLOAD.”
        As mentioned before, it is unlocked, S-off, TWRP (twrp-3.1.N0-0-fireball.img) installed, with stock 2.19…. Would it be possible for a faulty USB/charging port to cause it to not turn on? Even with a fully charged battery? (I have an extra battery with a charger.) That is the only other thing I can think of if it’s not from the partition swap. Right after trying to reboot from recovery, it powered down and went dead, so it never rebooted like it should have.
        Thank you again!

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