This list is undoubtedly incomplete, but I would like to acknowledge some individuals who helped get me started with Android. In no particular order:

  • utkanos: put together the first CWM recovery device tree for fireball and helped me get acquainted with building. I give considerable blame to utkanos for enabling me to continue with the massive time-suck that is Android.
  • Shaaan: wrote a very detailed CWM building guide
  • KemoNine and Jin^eLD: helped me in my very early days of building recoveries and roms
  • gweedo767 (@unstableapps on twitter): wrote gesture enabled modifications to CWM and has been a recovery go-to guy ever since
  • Phil3759: develops PhilZ Touch and makes significant contributions back to CWM
  • The whole CyanogenMod team: way too many reasons to list
  • h8rift, kushdeck, Flemmard, intervigil, xkonni: performed most of the heavy lifting to get CyanogenMod booting on fireball. These guys are responsible for my continued involvement in the CyanogenMod project.
  • jose51197, Linch89, and blazingwolf: gave some of the first testing reports on CyanogenMod builds for fireball